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We can open all types and
levels of security lock systems:


If you need to unlock or replace the door lock, just call or text us on Whatsapp


Send us pictures with locks and doors which ones have problems or need to be replaced.


We will give you the exact costs within a few minutes and you will be able to make a decision about our the price offer.

Please respect our time, in case of false call - 60 EURO PENALTY. Additional information by phone.


When you need contact us?


If the key is lost

If you are left without a key (lost etc.) or it is broken, it has a crack, etc. Even if you can't get in your home or any other type of property. We also can help with the garage or safe doors.

Door lock

Old lock

Your old lock sometimes have technical problems, it’s just the time for a new one. It’s not a problem - the key and and the lock or one of the lock elements may be damaged.

Car door

The car door is locked

Sometimes car can have electrical fault and all dors may be locked. For example, if a child or dog stays locked alone in the inside of the car and the car key is somewhere in the car and no one knows where it is. And it is like trap, it can be dangerous because for example if it is a warm or cold weather outside.


Key sets not returned

If the tenents of the workplace or the rented place (office building/apartment/house) have not give back the keys.

Do you see yourself in any of these situations?

Find out the cost for each case – send us pictures with doors and locks and a small description and we will give you a solution and price offer in a few minutes.

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Door lock mechanism

High burglary and high security locks from only most recognise worldwide manufacturers,
- TESA, ASSA ABLOY, Cisa, Elbor, Mottura.

RatingWe provide a 24 - month warranty for the lock and its durability.

We also install locks

Lock replacement

Replacement of

For example, if the key does not turn, crack or just give you a headpain, or, for example, other tenants move into your property.

Outdoor lock

Increasing the security level of an existing lock

There is already one lock on the front door, but you want an additional lock or replace it with a higher security lock.

Ask for the help of a team of professionals with 30 years of experience!


Real 30 years of experience

Unique experience in working with unlocking of any level of security with the latest trends and technique of opening technologies! Opening guarantee – 100%.


Answer in few seconds
dažu minūšu laikā

We respond usually from a few seconds to a few minutes. In Riga, we can arrive to you in 30 minutes till 1 hour.


100% opening guarantee result

For 30 years, we have completely opened all the locks, helping all customers. We open any door and any car. Also any safe.


We are available 24/7

Night or day? We don’t care what time of day is. If you need a help we will help you! Customer service for us always was most important thing. And will be forever!


Reliable and recognized professionals

Our specialists have been experts and working in our company for 30 years. Experience is passed from hand to hand. Our specialists develop and grow professionally every day.

New lock

Locks exchange and upgrade

After opening the stuck door, if you want, we can replace the old lock with the new one and we can give you advice for free about any upgrade options. We will explain you everything step by step and will answer on any of your question. You will have thousand of options and upgrades. And we will help you choose the right one.

Do you still have any unanswered questions?

Feel free to call us at any time of the day!

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