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Car doors, like any other locks and mechanisms, can be damaged and stuck or just faulty. Such an unpleasant surprise can happen unexpectedly and at the wrong time, so it is important to know where to find help. The car is very valuable, so it is important to hand it over to reliable and knowledgeable specialists. Our car opening specialists have 30 years of experience in being able to open car doors gently and safely without causing additional damage to the door or glass.

Many people thinking only way to open a locked car is to beat a window, but such cases show that hitting windows is a much safer and more expensive method than calling knowledgeable experts. Breaking the window, you not only damage the car glass – the interior is crushed with small glass, creating the risk of tearing, and further driving without glass is also unsafe and dangerous. On the other hand, if you choose the help of our masters, the door is opened very gently, using right and trustfull and modern tools.

The reasons for a car lock stuck can be very different, including:

  • damaged central locking;
  • defects in car electronics;
  • left a keys inside the machine;
  • salt, soil, mud in winter season ;
  • the veichle battery is dead
  • and hundreds of other situations.

Regardless of how the door has been damaged and how you have found yourself in this unpleasant situation, it is important to consult the appropriate specialists who will open the car without damaging it. Cars have become an integral part of our daily lives, so opening doors is usually also necessary quickly. If you are in Riga or district, our masters will be able to come to any place to open the door as soon as possible. No matter what model and year of your car you own, car locksmith specialists will find the best way to open it successfully.

It is important to prepare a statement that you are the owner or user of the car beforehand, because as cars are very valuable, we definitely do not want to endanger anyone’s property. As soon as we are sure that you are the owner of the car, we will start opening the doors and you will soon be able to sit behind the wheel of your car again.

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