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Even the thickest metal doors will not protect you if the lock is damaged, so special attention must be paid to the locks. Every year, manufacturers come up with ever better quality locks made of stainless materials and with increasingly sophisticated mechanisms, taking care of security in any home. We will replace both damaged and faulty locks to improve security and find the most suitable solution for the door.

If the lock is needed for a small shed where worthless things are stored, we can afford to choose something very simple, but if the task of the lock is to protect your most valuable property, take this issue much more seriously!

Replacing the locks does not take much time, but finding the right lock is a very important step in preparing for the disassembly and installation of the lock. Although all locks have a two-year warranty, we also want to install a lock that will serve the long term, fit the door and interior, as well as provide the most important thing – security! When choosing a lock, be sure to also tell the master how often you intend to open and close it, as this affects how many wear-resistant locks to choose. The choice is also influenced by possible external conditions, such as rain, heat or frost. If the lock is in an unprotected place, such as in a shed door, then it is necessary to choose locks that are more resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to navigate the range of locks, because that’s our job. You can safely entrust this task to us and we will find the best and most suitable type of lock for your door!

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