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When we notice that the door has lost it’s visual appearance or the locks no longer close so successfully, we often decide to replace the door, but door repair is a much more economical and better solution. Under the guidance of SOS service masters, your door will regain its former appearance, not only by replacing the locks with newer and more secure ones, but also by changing the decorative films, general door finishing and repainting, depending on the degree of damage and door material.

For many, door restoration is a long and complicated process, but our masters will deal with it quite quickly. If all the wishes and necessary improvements have been agreed beforehand, the team of specialists prepares all the necessary materials and tools in advance, then they come to you at the door and return them after less than a day. Door restoration masters both assess the defects of the door and find ways to repair them, as well as perform all the necessary dismantling and installation work, taking care of even the smallest details. Many years of experience allow us to restore even metal and steel doors, so our team is also entrusted with particularly complex doors, which are more difficult to dismantle and require extreme precision.

Most often, the door needs to be replaced when the locks are replaced, because they wear out and it is desirable to replace them every few years. Our service offers metal locks from different companies, giving you the opportunity to find the same or similar locks as previously used, or to choose a brand new type of locks, depending on the situation and preferences.

If you have already encountered situations when the door jams or opens heavily, be sure to evaluate their condition and turn to our masters for advice. Looking at the door, we will determine what repairs are needed. Sometimes door restoration is also the perfect time to change the color of the door, choose a more secure lock or make other improvements. For example, if you have changed the interior of your home and want to match the door, renovating it is a quick way to get the perfect look.

Feel free to contact our team of specialists and we will renew your old doors and your new ones will be not only safe, but also beautiful!

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